Monday, April 16, 2012

20 Common Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

Small and medium sized business (SMB) websites continue to have serious flaws.

It's very difficult to find a truly proficient web design provider.

BEFORE you pay a web designer to build your website, check out their portfolio of sites they've designed. If they're making these mistakes, you need to consider a more professional web designer.

Look at your current website and see if it contains these errors:

(1) generic, inappropriate, or ugly design

(2) sparse content that doesn't fully explain your business and what differentiates you from competitors

(3) no compelling call to action to motivate immediate sales

(4) no names or photos of staff (cold, impersonal)

(5) no links to social media presences

(6) no frequently updated News page

(7) insufficient About page

(8) we-oriented fluff instead of customer-centric, benefit-focused content

(9) no local or toll free phone number

(10) no email link

(11) no contact form to request info

(12) not mobile compatible
(13) rotating Flash images that distract from main message

(14) horizontal scrolls due to poor sizing

(15) light gray text on white backgrounds (poor readability)

(16) dense blocks of text without paragraph breaks (poor readability)

(17) no photos of product being used by customer to solve a problem or meet a need

(18) no video showing product from various angles, or showing CEO being friendly, explaining company, and sharing expertise

(19) Quick Time plugins required (poor usability)

(20) music, radio jingle, greetings, or other audio that automatically plays when you visit site (distracts from main message, impedes site navigation).

If your website contains errors like these, contact me.

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com

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