Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bear Hugs Not Appropriate for POTUS

Let's protect our President of the United States, whether we like him or not.

Pizzeria Guy Gives Obama a Bear Hug

I suggest we not allow pizzeria guys, or anybody else for that matter, to pick up the President and toss him around like a toy. While some business owner may think it's a good publicity stunt, I fear for the safety and well being of our elected officials.

The pizzeria owner who grabbed the POTUS and gave him a bear hug claims that he was not cleared by the Secret Service and that it was not planned or vetted act, it was purely spontaneous and caught Obama and the Secret Service off guard. This is very concerning and alarming. What if he was a really bad person...???

UPDATE: Presidential "Bear Hug" Was a Serious Security Breach -- not a "fun" moment.

Like I said before, he's lucky he didn't get a bullet right between the eyes.

POTUS is not a toy anybody can toss around due to a sudden urge to get physical.

“I guess I got caught up in the moment,” Van Duzer told Wolf Blitzer during an episode of The Situation Room. “I had a brief moment when I knew he was coming. He opened up the door and he was like, ‘Where’s Scott at?’ As soon as I saw him, he came right at me, shook my hand. I was so excited, I picked him up.”

When Blitzer questioned whether Van Duzer encountered any issues with Secret Service lifting the president, Van Duzer said, “I’m telling you, Wolf, just spur of the moment. We didn’t plan it, we didn’t have no communication with the Secret Service…I felt comfortable being able to pick him up.”

-- MEDIAITE "Pizza Shop Owner Who Bear Hugged Obama"

If anybody can just go up to a public servant and grab them, a malevolent person may someday take advantage of this over-familiarity and try to do harm.

Enemies of our country have been known to do some pretty wild things. Like crash airplanes into buildings...

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