Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jihadist Terrorist Attack on World Trade Center 9-11

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9-11 Jihadist Terrorist Attack as God Saw It

Frank Culbertson took this photo from the International Space Station the day the World Trade Center twin towers were hit by radical Islamic terrorists.

This was NOT a "man-made disaster" as the politically correct (corrupt) elitist fools insist on saying nowadays. This was a malicious Jihad terrorist attack by religious Muslim extremists who hate freedom, Christianity, women's rights, and everything America stands for. They love burqas, male domination, and the oppression of women.

Not all Muslims are bad, just as not all Christians are Ku Klux Klan, Jeremiah Wright, or Westboro Baptist "Church".

The Forgotten Side of 9-11 and Non-American War Casualities

One of the saddest things about 9-11 is how we Americans mourn over the loss of innocent life in the World Trade Center, but don't seem to care much about the innocent lives lost in the many wars and drone strikes we've been involved in.

It's always American deaths that matter, and not so much the non-American, innocent civilians killed in various wars and "kinetic military actions". The news media reports on how many American troops were killed today in Afghanistan, never how many innocent civilians also lost their lives.

Some may think it's "patriotic" to care only about American deaths. I disagree. I care about all deaths. Enemy combatants and terrorists deserve to die, and good riddance to them. But so many women and children and civilian men also perish, often through negligence or "shoot everybody in the general area from which hostile fire comes" type tactics.

Now with drone attacks, young guys in Nevada are killing suspected terrorists in a module that's like a video game. This remote killing has a detached, misanthropically abstract feel to it. The drone activators are so far removed from the blood and screams and pain, if they make a mistake, it deserves a lot more than "Oooops".

NY Times "US Drone Pilot Waiting for a Kill Shot"

A deeply ignorant comment I got on this post on GooglePlus: 

"Today is not the day that we as a nation honor them - today is about honoring our own. If this is something you feel passionately about then start an international day via the UN to honor them." 

Bull. We should honor and mourn the loss of innocent civilian life every day...and we don't need a special declaration by the UN or Congress to do it.

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