Monday, September 10, 2012

Go Away GoDaddy: Anonymous Member Takes Down the Sleazy Hoster

GoDaddy, the web hosting service with skanky commercials, has been taken down by a member of Anonymous.

GoDaddy uses the most sleazy, sexual commercials to promote their business. I've been repulsed by their marketing and have seen reports about terrible customer service and pro-SOPA orientation. Now we find out that they also did not harden the security of their servers. While I feel sorry for the businesses who got tricked into hosting on GoDaddy, I don't feel sorry for GoDaddy.

GoDaddy did end up opposing SOPA, but their flip flop was a result of tremendous pressure, not their own ethical values or corporate culture.

CNET "RE: Dump GoDaddy Day"

The member of Anonymous that brought down GoDaddy has bigger plans: to take down the entire Internet. This is starting to look like an Austin Powers movie.

Brandon DuBois, in a comment on TechCrunch, states:


As a systems administrator, I have to honestly say anyone who is complaining about godaddy had this coming.

Not only are they one of the most horrible shared hosting solutions out there, but they also support legislation that essentially wants to kill freedom of speech and creativity on the internet.

I wouldn't have given them a penny years ago solely because of their poor network architecture, overloading of servers, and poor customer service...

Now that I know they are trying to kill a free internet, hate them even more. Why don't you just use a reliable company that isn't hated by almost every IT person in the world?


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