Sunday, November 11, 2012

Business Succeeds by Being Altruistic

Business is about being kind, nice, friendly. You develop an expertise in a field, then offer products and services that help customers solve problems, meet a need, or enhance a lifestyle. 

People are more important than profits, because the source of profits is people, who become satisfied, enthusiastic, loyal customers.

A very wise slogan is "Be sure to lose a little in every transaction".

This is the opposite of avarice, greed, and con artists. If you "under-promise, over-deliver", you'll gain a reputation of being the best in the business. Top of Mind Choice is the goal and you get there by going overboard, doing more for your customers than your competitors do.

It's all about altruism, providing real benefits to people, in a cheerful presentation, at a fair price, then giving them more than what they paid for.

Sincerely care about the problems your products solve for customers. If you genuinely love each customer who walks into your office or store, and give them superior customer service, you'll weather almost any economic storm.

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