Thursday, November 8, 2012

Does Your Website ABOUT Page Suck?

Wikipedia Entry vs. About Page

As a web content developer, I pay close attention to what is included, and what is missing, from websites.

The vast majority of websites fail to update their News pages, fail to effectively use a blog, and fail to fully tell the story of a company's founding and progress through time.

Is the Wikipedia entry for your company more extensive and complete than your corporate website's About, History, or Company Background page?

If you don't do a good job describing the origins and evolution of your business, you're missing opportunities to:

(1) increase staff morale and pride in belonging

(2) preserve an honorable legacy

(3) inspire employees to be more loyal and productive

(4) present a good case to potential recruits

(5) connect with your community

(6) provide details for your local historical society and various researchers

(7) attract more visits to your website (expansive About pages are good for SEO) -- which can turn into increased sales and more qualified job seekers.

If you want to improve your website in this area, or other content, usability, or SEO aspects, contact me.

Online History Conservatory

But there's something even grander, and better, than an enhanced About page.

Are you interested in a prestigious, large-scale, multi-media, interactive Online History Conservatory for your corporation or organization -- featuring historical research, photo galleries, video galleries, TV commercial archives, and crowd-sourcing/interactive functionalities?

The Peoria Historical Society is developing such projects for local businesses, using state-of-the-art digitization tools and advanced curatorial capabilities.

Contact Walter Ruppman or Robert Killion for more information.

PHONE 309-674-1921

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