Monday, November 12, 2012

Guest Blogger Scam

Avoid the "sponsored guest post" or "guest blogger" scam.

Some stranger emails you, flatters you, praises your blog, and asks if you allow guest bloggers to submit articles to your blog.

They may even suggest an article title, often without much relevance to your blog topic area. Other times, they'll tell you they will write a post on any topic you choose.

DO NOT fall for this. 

They are typically mediocre writers, crafting short posts, and embedding in their articles links to dubious web objects: their own crappy blog or websites involved with spamming, malware, identity theft phishing, and other exploits.

Why let a bad content creator, with a potentially criminal agenda, use your blog to to add incoming links or traffic to their blog?

These con artist "guest bloggers" will dilute the content quality of your own blog and may endanger your readers with malicious links.

Google will also penalize your blog for bad content and bad links.


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