Friday, June 14, 2013

Breakfast Food is Gross

What is the deal with breakfast food? Do people put up with this slop just because it reminds them of happy days as a child? Think about it. The WORST, most unhealthy food on earth is tossed into the "breakfast" category.

By the time you drink a couple of cups of coffee, you've come to your senses. You stare at your empty plate and ask yourself, "What the heck was that garbage I just ate? I wouldn't feed that stuff to a dog!"

Because we are still sleepy, the restaurants think they can pass off this horrible mess as "breakfast", charge a ridiculous amount of money, and we'll go ahead and consume it. Why? Because we've barely emerged from a dream state. We aren't focused yet. The only reason they serve you coffee is so you'll be alert enough to pay the bill.

Sugary donuts. Greasy sausage. Runny, incompletely cooked eggs. Toast slathered with butter. Fattening gravy with bits of sausage floating in it. Pancake batter smothered in butter and syrup. Sickeningly sweet cereal in weird shapes and colors, that you add milk and sugar to, turning it into a mushy monstrosity.

Notice how they have to load up breakfast food with a lot of butter, sugar, and syrup to force, I mean, entice people to eat it?

I almost never eat breakfast or breakfast foods. It's all so slimey. If I eat anything early in the morning, I'll generally have a banana, or a bowl of citrus fruit like lemons, grapefruit and oranges.

It's like the worst kinds of food are reserved for early morning, because you're not awake enough to realize how awful the stuff is. When you do wake up, and can think more clearly about what you're going to put into your stomach, you eat real food for lunch and dinner. LOL

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