Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Notes from an Ascetic's Journal

Living a noble life, with a good conscience, simple needs, deep devotion, abiding thankfulness, and a loving family -- brings you a joy and peace that the super wealthy, celebrities, rulers, and powerful people will never know and can never attain.

When their fortunes are lost, their talent subsides, their beauty fades, their bodies deteriorate, their minds are scrambled, their popularity crumbles, their expertise is outdated, their egos are crushed, their entourage abandons them, their power is usurped -- they are more miserable than you will ever imagine.

They won't have the simple, pure, decent things to fall back on, because they never felt a need for them and never cultivated them in their rush for dominance and fame.

Remember this as you lie in your bed, drifting off to sleep, with a smile on your face and contentment in your heart.

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