Friday, June 20, 2008

8 secret truths about blogs

Every once in a while, an MSM journalist troll will claim that blogs are no good. My guess is their boss told them to wake up and smell the coffin, and start a blog. Being lazy and status quo, they probably got upset and told the boss: "Blogs are worthless, just pajama clad night owls describing what they had for lunch".

Years ago, I made two major decisions: (1) Never try to coaxa clueless CEO or business owner to blog. (2) Don't waste very much time defending the blogosphere against MSM journalist trolls, or blog-hating blogger trolls.

"But I want to engage in blogocombat with them, just for fun and as a learning experience," you proclaim.

Okay. Then, if you insist on dueling with journalists and blogopathic losers, I'll at least give you some tips, to help you win this futile and silly fight. These facts are usually not factored into the spurious "ROI analysis" of business blogging.

8 Secret Truths About Blogs

(1) Blogs generate massive SEO (search engine optimization) results, due to frequent, relevant, naturally occuring (not spamdexing) keyword density, and other bloggers linking to a blog.

Many ecommerce and corporate websites don't even have a News page, or don't update it with proper content.

(2) Blogs are more credible, and linked to more often, when they trash the "sticky" business model (keep visitors on your site and don't make it easy for them to leave to visit other sites), and go "viral" by linking to external sites (other relevant blogs).

MSM news sites generally never link to any external sites.

(3) Blogs improve the thinking, writing, researching, debating, and networking skills of the blogger.

(4) The blogosphere is auto-correcting, self-policing. If you post crap, nobody will quote you or link to you. Even worse, blog buzz will spread the word that you're useless, and you'll find some ugly results when you Google your name or blog title.

(5) In today's digital reality, if you don't have a blog, you don't exist.

Blogless anonymous trolls are ignored because they lack credibility. Smart bloggers refuse to publish anonymous comments, because reciprocity is not possible (you can't post a harsh comment on a blogless troll's blog, in retaliation for their harsh comment on yours: they're cowards).

(6) Blogs boost your credibility.

CEOs without blogs seem more distant, aloof, arrogant, and unapproachable than CEOs who share their thoughts and feelings in a blog. CEO bloggers make their company seem open to both positive and negative feedback, suggestions, questions, and customer opinions.

(7) Blogging is an effective method for making real friends, increasing sales, and forming associations with colleagues and peers.

The blogosphere has become a communication and networking tool that all business people should use. By posting valuable content on your blog, and posting valuable comments on the blogs of others, you establish an online reputation.

If none of these points tip the balance of the debate in your favor, just say "Dan Rather" and move on.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

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