Monday, June 16, 2008

Vuk Cosic and ASCII Art VIDEO

Vuk Cosic makes the internet fun. He's a pioneer in net art.

If you're a blogger, web designer, digital artist, or revolutionary, you need to be familiar with net art and Vuk Cosic, if only for inspiration and cool ideas that you might be able to adapt and implement.

Wikipedia on Vuk Cosic:


His constantly evolving oeuvre is characterized by an interesting mix of philosophical, political, and conceptual network-related issues on the one hand, and an innovative feeling for contemporary urban and underground aesthetics on the other.

One of the pioneers of, Vuk Cosic became interested in ASCII code during a long period of research (1996-2001) on low-tech aesthetics, the economy, ecology and archaeology of the media, on the intersections between text and computer code, on the use of spaces in information, its fluid nature and infinite convertibility.

Out of this came History of Art for the Blind, ASCII Unreal, ASCII Camera, ASCII Architecture, Deep ASCII and ASCII History of Moving Images, a history of the cinema converted into text format. [2]

A co-founder of Nettime, Syndicate, 7-11, and Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. Most notable venues (commissions, personal and group shows, talks) include, among many others, Videotage, Hong Kong; Media Artlab, Tel Aviv; Venice Biennial; MIT Medialab;Walker Center, Minneapolis; Postmasters, NYC; Kunsthalle, Vienna; LAMoCA, Los Angeles; ICA, London; Beaubourg, Paris.

One of his most recent works is the File Extinguisher, an online service that allows you to delete your files with absolute certainty.


Vuk Cosic and ASCII Art (6:57)

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