Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blip is the Twitter of music

Just a brief note to announce a discovery: Blip.

It's like a blend of Twitter and

While Twitter asks "What are you doing?", Blip asks "What are you listening to?" You can type in an artist, and you get a selection of songs. Click on a song, add a comment, then blip it.

So far, after just about an hour of experimenting with this new social network site, I find it to be one of the most usable and sophisticated tools I've ever encountered. I was able to quickly start a page for my own music, The Str8 Sounds, and upload mp3s.

All functionalities are quick, easy, and intuitive. A wonderful interface. It's fun to listen to the songs, by my own Str8 Sounds and other bands, that I have blipped.

Check out Pluperfecter on Blip, with Str8 Sounds mp3s. I've also blipped songs by some other artists I like.

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Ian White said...

Hi Pluperfecter,

Thanks for the write up. I designed the interface for Blip and it's awesome to see positive professional opinions regarding the efforts.

From day one the main goal was to make the user experience rock. Luckily we had Twitter to give us a good starting point, but were able to innovate and come up with something more complex yet (I think) more comfortable to play with. The mantra while building Blip was that everything had to be extremely easy to use and the user's psychology was more important than the engineer's logic. Just because it makes sense logically to do it one way doesn't mean the user will like it that way.

Lots of thought went into the bits of Blip, and there's some improvements on the way.

Thanks Again!