Thursday, June 19, 2008

using social media to bash social media

You've probably seen them. The anti-Cluetrain trolls. The web-enabled enemies of the web revolution.

I mean: people who use blogs, Twitter, and social attack blogs, Twitter, and social networks.

They're using social media to bash social media. In doing so, they hypocritically contradict themselves. Their actions prove that they really do believe in social media. They're just as addicted as everyone else. A deep sense of shame and self-loathing is what motivates them.

Hating their attraction to blogs, and despising the free expression they find on blogs, these simpletons attempt to post mocking comments on other people's blogs. Why don't they just start their own blog, and express their opinions on it, linking to other like-minded bloggers?

They sometimes start a half-hearted blog, often with a disclaimer like: "I don't really have time to blog, I'm so busy playing violent immoral video games and accumulating worthless materialistic trinkets. So don't expect me to update this thing very often".

So the internet trolls may start a blog, but it fizzles out quickly. They prefer to attack other bloggers, in a cowardly, anonymous manner.

Then again, some trolls will start a blog, and keep it going, in a futile attempt to spread their hatred of blogs, social media, democracy, and free expression.

A famous team troll, which I shall not name or link to, but has the initials A.C. (email me and I'll give you the link) supports hierarchy, oligarchy, and opera. They (pretending to be a sexy female) fight against blogs and "internet tribes", because they prefer Business As Usual, the old command and control mentality.

They miss the good old days when corporations, mass media, and governments controlled the "message". Social media bashers don't like the fact that people are advising each other in peer-to-peer networks and forums. Blog haters are angry that tyrannical one-way broadcast media are being replaced by multi-voiced conversational marketing.

It's funny, really. These trolls are so void of self-awareness, they actually think they are damaging or impeding the spread of free expression and social media. I suppose they assume that they're infiltrating their enemy's territory. But all they actually do is look uneducated and petty.

But we're winning.

According to IT News, "IP Traffic to Double Every Two Years", Cisco predicts that internet traffic volumes will reach 552 exobytes by 2012! Imagine that. It's unprecedented, this growth of uncensored, unedited voices of individuals and smart organizations. This traffic explosion is being fueled by social networks, YouTube, and video-conferencing.

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