Friday, August 1, 2008

Twitter Poem 1 "Bird Mind"

I composed and published the following poem live on Twitter today as an experiment in spontaneous poetry transmission via social media networking.

"Bird Mind" was transmitted compu-telepathically in a total of 5 tweets (Twitter messages). Each message length being 140 characters maximum. Four lines could fit in each individual message.

Bird Mind

"I have no wings, I cannot fly"
I said to the bird up in the sky.

"Fly with Mind" the bird then said.
At that moment, all fear went dead.

"I have no hands, I cannot write",
the bird told me late one night.

"Write with Mind", I told that bird.
He writes mentally word by word.

"I have no movement, cannot walk",
said the statue in the chalk.

"With your image you still talk"
I replied without a balk.

"I have no teeth, I cannot eat"
said the book that was complete.

"Consuming time is no small feat,"
I replied in the desert heat.

"I have no face, I can't be seen",
said the song from in between.

"Look at how you make me gleam",
said I as I became the dream.

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