Saturday, September 13, 2008

artist Julian Schnabel sings

Julian Schnabel is a contemporary artist. His 1995 Polygram album "Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud" is his attempt to produce music and sing. has new and used copies starting at $1.25 and it's also available on cassette.

If you like Leonard Cohen, The Magnetic Fields, Tom Waits, and other deep voiced singers, with a lofi spin, check it out.

FREE mp3s on Ubu Web: Julian Schnabel "Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud"

From Amazon review by Geoffrey Himes:

Julian Schnabel is the successor to Andy Warhol as a Manhattan painter turned celebrity, and he has used that media clout to secure a recording contract even though he has no discernible talent for making music.

He could be described as a cross between Michael Bolton and Leonard Cohen, but unfortunately he writes songs like Bolton and sings like Cohen instead of the other way around.

The combination of his treacly sentiment, pretentious poesy, tuneless croaking, and minimalist melodies is comic for a short time but soon turns annoying. Typical of the album is "I Tried," which finds a self-pitying Schnabel nasally whining over folk-rock guitars...

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