Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chemical Brothers the golden path VIDEO

As the study of social media marketing for music continues, let's look at a fine example of the music film. Chemical Brothers is one of the best electronic bands in the business.

Chemical Brothers "The Golden Path" (3:59)



Duplo said...

(Vomit). Chemical Brothers? Their repugnant pop ditties are CONTEMPTIBLE SHITCAKES that should've evaporated along with alcopops and all the other 1990s toxicities. Your integrity has suffered a severe blow if this post is not ironic. They symbolise everything that must be despised.

steven edward streight said...

Dearest Duplo:

The DJs of Unfairness forced me to write this post.

I'm a hostage blogger, kidnapped by medieval mammonist monks of The Golden Path who make me blog about lepers in laundromats and such.