Tuesday, September 23, 2008

promoting Top Friends on MySpace Music

See this marketing tool in action, at:

Str8 Sounds on MySpace Music

Metaphysical Platypus on MySpace Music

In the realm of social media marketing, you often engage in anti-marketing. You must do the opposite of a mammonist corporation. You sacrifice for others, instead of bullying them. You serve, instead of enslave or trick.

For example: you promote yourself, paradoxically, by demoting yourself, eg being humble and self-effacing, and praising others. It's good for the eternal soul and it's smart from a practical business standpoint. Bands tend to enjoy and promote other bands. Establish good relationships with kindred artists. It's a win-win situation. A no-brainer as the suits say.

I call it "business karma", something the capitalist financial and manufacturing giants are feeling now as it bites their skanky butts.

Above this text you see the new art image I'm putting on the MySpace pages of all the music bands that I participate in and market (Str8 Sounds, La La Landers Masochistic Orchestra, Wainwrights of the Mind, Old Door, Metaphysical Platypus, etc.)

The purpose of a MySpace Music display of avatars of your Top Friends (configure to show 40, be generous in advancing the success of fellow struggling musicians!)? To show who inspires and interests you, and to help fans of your band discover more music they might like.

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