Saturday, March 7, 2009

internet business scams on Twitter and blogs

Unscrupulous, desperate people are using Twitter and blogs to promote dubious and detrimental "businesses", easy ways to make money, online, right in the comfort and stupidity of your own home! And these miracle marketing plans are better than all the other plans of other hucksters and con artists! Trust me on this!

Clues to fake Twitters users include: they mix personal trivia with pushy tweets like "I'd rather be chatting with my Twitter pals. Seriously, will someone please look at the website on my profile?...Feedback."

Here, we see them revealing that "chatting with Twitter pals" is disingenuous, insincere, a pretence, to cover a crass marketing scheme. Take seriously, the "seriously, will...", for it betrays what's actually serious to this Twitter abuser. They want to drive traffic to a fake blog, using a fake Twitter persona, and suck you into a fake internet business.

Rather than link to this Twitter account or to their ignorant, generic, hyped-up blog, let me give you the specific characteristics and some of the wording of this con job. Beware. Many of these will be appearing on the web, more than ever, as worldwide economic woes persist.

How dumb have we become?

Luckily, con artists are clever, but not linguistically trained. Their own speech trips them up. Their own words deconstruct their systems from within, like Derrida claimed. Take their statements seriously, pay close attention, pause between thoughts. They're insane!

Chew on these juicy fragments from the blog (my commentary in bold red):

* In this dark economic day and age when everyone is looking for that certain magic formula to enhance their income and trusting no one has it, ...we submit one alternative solution.

Everyone? No. Some of us still believe in hard work and serving people. You offer a solution, an alternative, a certainty, a magic, a formula, an enhancement, a thing I can trust? You suck.

* It is one of those online home marketing deals... hummm?

Right off the bat, it's tempting you to doubt. Clarifying (vaguely): "one of those..." so you know it's just another scam, but being an idiot you feel good and read on...

* After very little time evaluating the program, I can say I have decided to join this program without hesitation.

You expect me to trust you? But you are lazy and inept! You admit you spent "very little time evaluating the program". After this sloppy, impatient activity, you went ahead and committed yourself to it. Sounds like the recent stimulus bill the Congress didn't read but signed!

* I was personally invited by one of the Founders in Batam, Indonesia who helped start [company name deleted] in Indonesia.

Did this awesome Founder treat you to a steak dinner? That's what they usually do, after you commit to buying $20,000 worth of seminar CDs and training material. Note how the "personal invitation" ploy is used, in a feeble attempt to make you feel special, elite, favored.

* In fact for those of you who have achieved significant success in other companies and need to keep your identity secret, you can. Everything is by ID# number - only if you wish. (Many direct marketing companies will not allow you receive serious income from another opportunity if you are a leader with them.)

WTF? Why would a decent person want to do this, anonymously? The "many direct marketing companies will not allow you to..." is bullshit and you know it!

* I have great confidence in this man's business integrity and I owe a great deal to him for the past opportunities he has invited me to be a part of.

What integrity? No proof, just emotional testimonials, lazily written, without even a lot of fake details. These fools must be in a big hurry to trick you and get your money, while pretending to offer you an "opportunity".

Notice it's not "opportunities I made X amount of money in", but "opportunities he has invited me to be a part of." No word about what these "opportunities" were.

What was your ROI on these "opportunities" you've been so blessed and lucky to be "a part of"?

* ...this person has proven to me to be a “leader of leaders” in the financial and investment arena. He has a true heart for member concerns and I stake my own reputation on his loyalty to his business passion. His credibility weighed heavily on my decision to look at the program. I am now committed.

Uh, we know all about "credibility" in the financial and investment arena. Why do I feel my confidence diminishing?

You stake your rep on what? On his proven success, which is documented by links to articles in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and BusinessWeek? Nope. Just vague, but soaring, rhetoric.

* Just because I love what I do, not because it is necessary, I'm going to create my own marketing site for our own particular team...

You overachiever! You workaholic! You're creating your own what? Website! You are so geeky and ahead of the curve. Why don't all businesses have a website? Genius!

* This is a new age. I can feel it.

Alright. Since you feel that new age, I now accept your authority and put my trust in you.

* Today, a vibrant, aggressive network marketer gains success instantly, online.

That's the new age? Fast money. Easy money. Brilliant! All due to the internet, too! Wow! Or are they talking about Congress and bailout money?

* What it use to take months even years to do face to face can now be accomplished in an incredible short time for the person who knows how to market online.

Why wait? We want instant cash! No waiting, no working, no being professional! Just fast easy money! I want to "market online"! This is the dream I've been waiting for all my life!

* No meetings. No Trainings. No faxes. No conference calls. No one complaining at my door at inappropriate times, and no one actually needing me.

I hate to be needed, don't you? Wow, no more dealing with people! Who cares about other people? I just want money! The fast and easy way, of course.

* I can build a business anonymously and watch it grow...

Yeah, sure. Your whole life is anonymous, discredited, vain.

* Then, feel free to forward your opinion to us. We look forward to hearing about your success. May God bless you all.

Always good to throw God's name in their. It makes the religious people feel good. It causes them to consider you one of them, a God-fearing, upright person who believes in final judgement after death for the deeds done on earth.

To top it all off, you link to an offshore asset protection blog.

I'll bet you missed another detail.

You never were given the Founder's name, or links to his blogs or websites, or references to reputable articles on the guy.

But he's a "leader of leaders", so high and mighty, probably, he prefers to remain anonymous. Could it be Bernie Madoff, or the ghost of Ken Lay? You decide!


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