Sunday, March 22, 2009

top 30 Pluperfecter contents 3-2009

According to Google Analytics, this Pluperfecter blog has achieved a 59% upward spike (increase) in traffic this month, and the most popular posts

from Feb. 19, 2008 to March 19, 2009
are as follows:

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(1) Amanda Chapel anti blogosphere team troll

(2) Bail out emails from Dennys

(3) 10 Famous Music Feuds

(4) Creative MySpace Music bios

(5) Usability of Mumbai Hotel Security

(6) Creative Twitter Bios part 1

(7) Creative MySpace Music artist bios 3

(8) Eyespot CEO closes his company

(9) Creative Twitter bios part 2

(10) Playboy seeks hot blogger for sexist BS

(11) Creative Twitter bios part 3

(12) How to calculate your Twitter Meta Index

(13) MySpace Music page design and friends

(14) Defeating an Abusive Boss

(15) Large hadron collider black hole

(16) Self promotions vs. Other relations

(17) Music marketing MP3 strategy

(18) Gregory Markopoulos hypno films

(19) Creative MySpace Music artist bios 5

(20) How to Improve CEO Blog

(21) 13 Twitter Superstitions

(22) 6 Signs of a Deceptive Marketing Expert

(23) Thorstein Veblen and Blog Values

(24) Twitter User-generated Novel

(25) Creative MySpace Music artist bios 4

(26) Obama: internet vs. mainstream media

(27) My favorite podcaster Dan Z. Wilson

(28) Sources Quoting Steven Streight

(29) Credibility is King, not Content

(30) Social Media Marketing Best Practices

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bios is used a lot.