Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trailblazing Trio field recordings make nature the star

My new musical project, under the band name Trailblazing Trio, now features 6 tracks from the "Forgotten Sounds of Nature" CD at:

These selections feature vintage field recordings of rhinocerous, penguin, hyena, bear, hippopotamus, badger, zebra, shark radar, sea lion, walrus, baboon, raccoon, jungle birds, and much more.

No musical instrumentation -- and only sporadic and slight modifications via computer edit filters. Looping and layering are the primary techniques used to achieve these works. Thus, nature sounds are in the spotlight sonically, with little human intervention.

My goal was to compose outside all human musical tradition, and to showcase the distinct harmonic and tonal values of stochastic invention displayed by nature. To exhibit to the ear what certain creatures sound like.

Thus, generally only two species are used in each track. That makes it easier to identify the sound sources per tune. For example, "Concerto for Bear and Sea Mammals" contains sounds made by only those two types of animal.

Brian Eno, Fennesz, Tortoise, Tim Blake (of Hawkwind and Gong), Faust, Joy Electric, Ultra Eczema, and Yma Sumac are among the distinguished music innovators who have thus far expressed interest and support, by Friending this project.

And the project has been on MySpace Music for less than one day!

I had fun orchestrating these taped sound events, done in one night from about midnight to 4 AM a few days ago.

Non-human music was here first. All human music is secondary, marginal, postponed, supplementary, and subordinate to the Music of the Universe, under very capable command.

Let's give the realm of musical nature a sound approval and appreciation!

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