Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 tips on naming your music band

I think it's really hard to come up with a good name for a musical group. Here's some advice to keep in mind when naming your band. These tips are from both a creative viewpoint and a marketing angle:

(1) Use a name that has some connection with your style of music. I provided a name for a punk band: the Anarchy Enforcers. It's funny, paradoxical, and relevant.

(2) Funny names are memorable: Celibate Rifles, Soloing Over Alanis Morissette, Thomas Jefferson Airplane, Ritualistic School of Errors, Paper Airplane Pilots, Rubber 0 Cement, The Kick Me's, Courtney Cox Heroin Nightmare.

(3) One word band names are not good, in most cases, because you're increasing the chance that someone else is already using it. Two words decreases this likelihood. An odd example for you: The The.

(4) Two word band names are probably the most common, for good reasons. Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Indian Jewelry, Ergo Phizmiz, Str8 Sounds, Gun Club.

(5) One word band names run into search engine trouble. The more common the word, the less likely that anybody will find your band when they Google that word. Pink, Orb, Smiths, Bleach, Yes, Kansas, Boston.

(6) Surrealism works. Slam together two words that you wouldn't expect to see together. Vanilla Trainwreck, Velvet Davenport, Oxford Collapse, Marble Mummy, Joy Division, Soft Power, Purple Wheelchair.

(7) Mis-spellings are a bad idea, generally speaking. You have to count on fans remembering where the typo occurs. Which letter is the wrong one? Often it's a "z" instead of an "s" at the end of a name, for example. Remember, fans Google band names and if they don't spell it the correct incorrect way, your band may not be found.


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Ergo Phizmiz said...

"The Anarchy Enforcers"... brilliant!