Sunday, October 18, 2009

the Str8 Sounds balloon boy song

Str8 Sounds "Falcon Don't Float So High (balloon boy song)" free 250 kbps mp3 on Sony ACIDplanet.

This song was manufactured with Sony ACID acoustic guitar loops plus Loopmaster samples from Computer Music (UK) magazine, CM143 - October 2009 issue.

Visit the Computer Music website. I bought my first print issue yesterday and I have to tell you: I'm astonished at the writing, graphics, and marketing within its pages. Hip, smart, informative, funny. What more could you want? Plus: a DVD with 1,121 Loopmasters Samples and 2,000 CM Sound Effects, "Reader Music" tunes, tutorials, a bunch of metal distortion software, Avid Sibelius 6 demo, and Intelligent Devices MegaDelayMass demo.

Telegraph UK article "Balloon Boy's Father Planned Weather Balloon UFO Stunt".

Fox News "Ex-Colleague of Balloon Boy Father Says Incident Was Not an Accident".

Str8 Sounds "Falcon Don't Float So High"


THEODOR ADORNO: "The further artworks distance themselves from the childish desire to please, the more what they are in themselves prevails over what they present to even the most ideal viewer, whose reflections increasingly become a matter of indifference. In society as a whole, it is art that should introduce chaos into order rather than the reverse." [-- from Aesthetic Theory].

Danger art for evolution.

We are here to present confusion

to your brain matter

on your little step ladder

as you look into the sky

and see Balloon Boy. Will he die?

Falcon please don't float so high.

Your dad and mom will make you die

if you reveal the secret on Larry King,

the secret to Wolf Blitzer, the secret.

Falcon please don't float so high.

We know that you are not inside.

We're doing it for the show.

We're doing it to make lots of dough.

It's a hoax for the stupid folks.

We're from Wife Swap and we're obsessed with science,

but that doesn't mean that we're not good parents.

We're on Wife Swap and we love science

more than truth. I guess the reliance

on media attention is our demise.

We will use subterfuge and lies.

Our obsession with science and media attention

will bring us down to the 5th dimension

of the rapid declension of our hideous pretension.

Child endangerment is our ploy.

We don't care about our little boy.

Did you see him vomit and puke on the TV?

Did you see Falcon vomit and puke?

He's afraid of his father's rebuke.

This danger art for evolution.

We have got the viral solution.

This is danger art for evolution.

We have got the media solution.

Falcon don't float so high

in that balloon of foil in the sky.

We don't want you to die.

At least not yet --

until they come up with some kind of net.

Let's hope Al Queda forgets

that weapons of mass destruction

could be in a balloon and floated

over America the goon.

Oh balloon boy did you enjoy

the balloon as a toy?

Falcon don't float so high.

It's not yet time for you to die.

Oh Falcon don't float up so high.


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