Thursday, January 19, 2012

Astonish Your Customers or Lose Them

Somebody started a Facebook page for IKEA customers who wanted IKEA to host a sleepover.

IKEA went to the trouble and expense of providing it. They know the value of insanely loyal and wildly enthusiastic customers.

Times are tough. It's not getting better, and it cannot get better. You must face the reality that business is going to get worse and worse until you eventually are ruined -- unless you take radical steps right now.

Thrill your customers with incredible events and mind-blowing service.

How? Ask them what they'd love to see you do. Let them be as imaginative as they want to be. Consider every suggestion. Look at what your competitors are doing. Study what other businesses are doing to please and amaze their customers.

Business during good times often seems like a party. You display your products, unlock the door, and shoppers arrive to spend money at your store. Everybody's happy, faces are smiling, wallets are opening, cash is flowing.

Not anymore.

Those days are over, probably never to return.

The golden age of modern commerce is done.

We're in a new environment now, one that is hostile to small business and sucking up to Wall Street banks and mega-corporations. If you're not in their league, you're doomed. And you know it. You see the writing on the wall. You need to get your act together like never before.

You will either start today to astonish your customers and be remarkable -- or starting right now, your business is going down, never to recover. It's your choice. Make your decision now and stick to it.

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