Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simple Plan for Business Survival

I am pleased to meet you.

My name is Steven Streight.

I'm an internet marketing strategist and web content developer.

I specialize, in other words, in making a business look good, and also help and please customers, on the internet. Principles I apply to online community networks can also be adopted in the real world interactions between staff and customers.

Discovering what needs to be done, then immediately implementing finely-crafted solutions. That's my method. Finding out what you are needing to accomplish, then developing the tools and systems that will achieve the goal.

It's the content that separates winners from losers on the web. Relevant, trustworthy content related to your products and to problems your customers are trying to solve, plus rich interactions with customers online and in your place of business, will keep your company afloat in the stormiest economic seas.

I'm combative in a professional sense. Waging the war of the mind, fighting to make the client seen as the dependable, trustworthy, expert source of solutions, enhancements, need gratification in a product category or service field.

Using social media to interact in a fully human manner with customers and the local community, in pursuit of becoming the top of mind provider.

Positioning the business as, while demanding that it indeed in reality be, the go-to source of expertise, advice, news, analysis, and information -- along with good product at a fair price, supported by helpful staff, and superior service mixed with genuine friendliness and sincere caring.

Simple. Powerful. Proven.

Take the steps you need to take right now, before it's too late.

Contact me.

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