Saturday, January 28, 2012 music player

I really like this music player, that mimics a turntable, needle, and vinyl record.

The music genres on are what I would call Electronic Experimentation, Glitch Dance Ambient, and Techno Minimalism which can be very relaxing.

Not sure why there is a dropout type instance with vinyl surface scratch noise every so often on these songs. That's kind of strange and a bit annoying.

If it was between tracks, that would make sense. Perhaps it's done to divide sections of a song? No, it doesn't seem to coincide with that. A weird flaw on an otherwise nice presentation.

I wish there was a company that enabled musicians to upload their songs and have them presented in such an online device. is a record label started by some techno guys in Berlin I believe.

You can move the needle cartridge arm with your web browser cursor, just move your cursor to the cartridge, see a pointing hand appear, click on the cartridge, drag and drop, hold and slide the cartridge to the desired spot on the vinyl disc simulation.

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