Friday, January 27, 2012

YouTube account closed message

This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account.

Don't give up on sharing video.

Customers like to learn skills and gain information by watching tutorial videos. Why not do your own branded video tutorials, thereby helping customers and positioning your company as the expert?

When was the last time you recorded a video of yourself explaining the corporate mission in laymen's terms? Or promoting some new product or venture?

If you're a CEO, business owner, store manager, entrepreneur, musician, film artist, or do anything that needs to be seen in action or experienced as if in the presence of it, video is vital for your success.

People like to watch interesting, informative, and entertaining video, especially if it has a spontaneous quality to it, making the presenter seem more authentic, human, and approachable.

Keep endeavoring to perfect your audio-visual presentations. Learn how to do product demonstrations, deliver CEO announcements, and create a relationship with customers for enhanced brand loyalty and increased sales.

Get that company representative out there, in high quality, superior videography, on YouTube, developing an interactive connection with customers, peers, investors, and the general public.

Or contact me and I'll do it for you.

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