Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lack of Creativity in Hollywood Film Posters

Here's another great example proving that if you're genuinely creative, you have almost no competition.

Alireza Yavari displayed this poster montage on a GooglePlus stream post, as part of his "Funny Trends in Designing Movie Posters".

These Hollywood film posters show a distinct style being repeated by competing movies.

Big heads in clouds and people walking along a beach.

That's the style and it's being used over and over again. Romance and adventure, longing and belonging, emotions and exotic locations. A visual theme that is imitated until it is truly trite, annoying, dull.

This is what happens when people want to work in a special field, but aren't qualified to do anything original. It's safe to do what everybody else is doing. Your boss may approve, if he or she is dull like you. But you won't stand out from the pack. Your work will sit there, boringly acceptable, tiresomely appropriate, unthinkingly faithful to the specifications of the project.

If your work looks like everybody else's work, you don't know what you're doing.

If you can't find something extraordinary about a product, it means you're mediocre yourself. There is always an undiscovered angle, a special anomaly, a differentiation that sets one thing apart from all the others.

By conveying the message "This is safe because it's very similar to what you already like", you may not increase sales as much as what can be achieved by communicating "This is similar to what you already like, but here's why it's different and why that difference makes this very special and exciting."

People may want what they already like, but many blockbuster products pave their own road to fame and fortune. They do something similar, but also different, and that difference must be captured, understood, and presented to the customer.

Familiarity coupled with Extraordinary.

That's a key to success in creativity.

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