Thursday, March 29, 2012

What You Would REALLY Do if You Won the Lottery

Lotteries are taxation scams directed at the poor, uneducated, and superstitious. And those who are bad at math and statistics. It's vain and delusional to even dream of winning. You just add to your own frustrations and disappointment by wasting money on a ticket. You could buy 500 tickets and still not increase your chances of winning significantly.

I laugh when I see people say "If I won the half billion dollar lottery, I'd donate most of it to charity". No you wouldn't. Once you started spending, you would NOT be able to stop. Just ask the government, which spends money it doesn't even have.

Neither you nor I actually know what we'd do if we won a colossal amount of money. We think we're so rational and methodical. But once the money hit you or me, we'd go nutty.

It would be such a huge shock to the entire system. Nothing in life, including thinking a lot about it and planning how to spend, invest, or donate that money, would prepare us for the reality.

It would probably be a curse more than a blessing.

Now here's what you would REALLY do, based on research on winners and a bit of psychological insight, if you won the half billion dollar lottery:

(1) Disappear to whereabouts unknown -- go into hiding -- to avoid the multitudes who would beg for money, most of their stories being lies.

(2) Give the IRS half of it.

(3) Waste tons of money on investment scams

(4) Waste tons of money on impulsive purchases that you bitterly regret later.

(5) Buy all those things you used to dream about, but then have buyers remorse when you realize they don't bring you happiness, just more worries and fears of theft.

(6) Waste more money buying all your friends and family expensive new cars and houses.

(7) Hire bodyguards and install security systems in your underground bunker where you quiver in fear of stalkers, ransom kidnappers, and extortionists.

(8) Hire an expensive team of lawyers to protect you from bogus lawsuits by financially slick predators.

(9) Drink, drug, or dine yourself to death with what remained.

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