Monday, March 19, 2012

Corporate Cop-outs Related to Social Media Participation

I was listening to a BlogTalkRadio show yesterday. It was about social media community. I asked on the text chat why CEOs, managers, and business owners typically don't interact with people, but just grind out sales messages.

"They say they don't have time," was the reply.

"They have time for golf," I answered.

"They're unsure of the ROI (return on investment)", was another reply.

"What the ROI on new carpet?" I asked.

CONCLUSION: These are cop-outs. They have time. It only takes a few minutes per day to interact, click on Like and Share and post comments on social media.

There is no money investment required for social media interactions. They say they know WOM (word of mouth) is powerful. Well, social media is WOM on steroids.

The real answer is, unfortunately, many of them just don't care about customers and don't adequately appreciate how a bad online reputation can kill or seriously wound their brand.

Be smart. Interact with people on social media, or hire someone (like me) to manage your social media campaigns.

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