Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obsessive Online Image Posting on Facebook

Here's a freaky situation that I had to deal with today on Facebook...

I'm sorry, but I can't handle constant bombardment of weird online behavior, where someone keeps posting things on one subject, in this case a fictional TV show character.

Especially when it's just an image, with no remarks or explanations. It's like they're trying to hypnotize you by flashing this image at you repeatedly.

It's downright creepy. If you're a fan of some celebrity or star, and occasionally post some news item or update, that's okay. Idolizing a beloved actor is not that unusual.

But when you keep posting the actor's picture, it goes beyond innocent, sane behavior, and starts to look like a lunatic intensity that is very unsettling.

I finally got fed up and had to block someone who kept compulsively, relentlessly, maniacally posting photos of David Caruso of CSI Miami.

I mean every 15 minutes, there'd be another photo of the guy. I don't even think this character is all that handsome or interesting looking. But even if he was, who wants to keep seeing new photos of him hundreds of times a day?

As a friend of mine on GooglePlus said:


and not to forget: this is one of the worst actors in the world. "sunglasses on", "sunglasses off" - thats all


Rigid. Unremitting. Obdurate. Adamant. Inflexible. Unyielding.

Such steady, persistent, bizarre activity gets on your nerves after a while. It makes you feel like the person posting these images is mentally unbalanced, a cyber-stalker, a wild fanatic who is obsessed in a disturbingly unhealthy manner.

It's just not normal to post photos of someone that is adored from a distance, spamming your Facebook feed, with no commentary, no links to anything related to the show, just the guy's picture, like I said -- over and over again.

Blocking someone doesn't hurt them or shame them. It's not punishment or condemnation. It just frees you from being subjected to something you don't wish to experience.

I didn't want to message her and ask her why she is doing this. She would just get defensive and maybe hostile.

I can't make anybody stop posting anything. But I don't have to be victimized by their unusual behavior either. I can remove them from my feed and enjoy the peace and sanity that is achieved by doing so.

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