Friday, June 1, 2012

Infographics Suck

Truth about Infographics

Infographics suck. That's right. They annoy me.

They rarely cite sources for their data, they are often hard to read, and they use a lot of fancy formatting to visualize data that is not that big of deal. Infographics are like PowerPoint and PDFs. 

Use them sparingly, not as a crutch for information that is boring or presented poorly -- and cannot be saved by elaborate design flourishes.

I don't understand why people keep linking to infographics images. I find the visual renderings of information to be cheesey and not very helpful. I prefer the plain text, a simple list of points or a concise statement with links to further research.

Charts and graphs can assist in comprehension of things like growth and change, but I find most infographics to be boring, with the text explanations in tiny type.  A lot of fancy and sometimes distracting formatting -- for a little bit of data.

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