Friday, June 15, 2012

What Do Social Media Consultants Actually Do?

A long time friend of mine, who interacts with me on GooglePlus, is a video rant blogger, but is extremely hostile to Social Media, due to all the quacks and deceptive con artists in this field.

Just go to Barnes and Noble and grab a stack of 20 books on social media. Sit down and try to flip through them. They are ALL saying the SAME fluffy garbage. It's all "conversation" and "engagement" and "interactions with customers" -- but in reality they don't give a fig about customers as human beings.

All the social media pundit books repeat the same stupid platitudes without a trace of genuine altruism. They at bottom see social networks as just another ad channel, where you grind out inspirational quotes and sales hype to passive victims.

Automate, curate, inundate, dominate = the chant of the fake social media marketing pundit.

His rage against social media charlatans is valid and I applaud it. But there are legitimate consultants who understand how business can have an effective presence on social networks and achieve their goals.

He asked:


WTF do you Social Media types actually do? Setting up a FB page, or managing a twitter account? Really? I could train a chimp to do that. A high schooler can do that. What do you actually do? Speaking? About what? WTF could you possibly be speaking about? I swear I don't get it.


I speak on the behalf of clients, after doing in-depth research on their business, market and competition. I build their fan base manually and engage with their customers by sharing expertise, links, and genuine concern for their problems.

For my practice, social media marketing is the opposite traditional one-way broadcasting, where customers sit as passive victims of sales message. Social media is where people advise each other and bypass advertising and corporate propaganda. 

Social media marketing is more about customer relations and non-commercial altruism. It is a more indirect, or "Zen" way to sell products, by not selling products -- by convincing people that a business genuinely cares about customers, engaging in conversations about their problems.

 People prefer to do business with companies they know, like and trust. I use social media participation to achieve these goals: based on the core values of social media -- sharing and caring.

What do I speak about?

I speak about the the problems people have solving problems in the field of my clients.

If I manage social media for an organic grocery, I speak about health benefits of brown rice, etc. I tie in with hot news items related to their industry. I managed social media for a law firm and spoke about Casey Anthony and Charlie Sheen, for example.

Most CEOs, owners and managers hate to "get dirty" and deal directly with customers. They tend to be unsociable, isolated, removed from the sales process, and "too busy" to interact with anybody on social media or blogs.

However, if they have good products that help people, I will be a warm, human, caring representative and connect with people, on the client's behalf, so when customers and fans of the business need the product, my client will be Top of Mind Choice.

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