Saturday, August 17, 2013

Age of Context ebook cover art

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel are self-publishing a new book called "Age of Context." They posted the cover art on Facebook and asked for input. See image above.

I like the blue and red best. Robert Scoble said red pops best as a thumbnail color on Amazon. He's probably right.

At first I argued that the art did not convey "context" well, but they reminded me that it will be an ebook, not a paper book sold in brick and mortar stores. So the important thing is that the cover art pops as an Amazon thumbnail.

Thus, I took the existing book cover art, changed the type font for the title from ALL CAPs to Upper/Lower case for better readability, enlarged the title, and enlarged the authors' names, which have a great deal of name recognition in the technology and social media field.

Most books have horrible cover art and title typefonts. Publishers go with stupid trendy crap and forget that the function of a book cover is to COMMUNICATE quickly to customers. The title needs to be big and legible.

I especially dislike the current trend to make some words in a title huge and some words tiny, so you have to look really close at the cover to see the whole title.

Customers are in a hurry. They don't want to play silly games when they're shopping.

Make your marketing communications, from book covers to websites, highly usable, readable, and fast in conveying your message.

See image below for my modifications to the ebook cover art for the Amazon thumbnail.

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