Saturday, August 31, 2013

Organic French Tarragon health benefits

Tarragon came from Siberia, it's name is Arabic for "dragon." The French variety is more pungent. In this photo, to the right, you see our organic French tarragon crop.

As I pass by our herb garden, what we call the square garden, I prune some leaves of organic French tarragon to chew.

You immediately know you are chewing French tarragon. It has a sting to it.

The eugenol makes your tongue tingle. Eugenol oil acts like clove oil, as a remedy for toothache. It numbs the mouth almost like cocaine. Chew a couple of fresh or dried leaves until it is a paste consistency and hold with tongue against sore tooth.

Tarragon: aids digestion, fights fatigue, sedates, induces sleep, soothes upset stomachs, prevents heart disease, and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It was an ingredient used in the Middle Ages to cure snake bites.

Since it promotes bile production in the body, it is effective as a detox for the liver. To make tea for digestion, steep a handful of dried leaves in a jar with apple cider vinegar, stand 7 hours, strain and seal. Take 1 tbsp before each meal.

Blends well with chervil, parsley and chives in fish, meat, soups, stews, tomato and egg dishes.

Drying deprives tarragon of many characteristics of it essential oil. Dried leaves can be used as tea.

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