Saturday, January 11, 2014

Richie Hawtin techno minimalism pioneer LECTURE

Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman, pioneer of techno minimalism, "lecture", interview, with songs.

"I didn't play that full thing to be annoying or anything, or to be tedious. That was a live take. What was the process?" - interviewer.

It's strange to watch the composer and an interview sit in silence, without dancing or visual projections (as in Richie's shows), listening to "Spastik".

YouTube comments:

(1) Oh gawd.. awkward. Learn how to conduct an interview. Even stuffy, intellectual, pretentious NPR could do a better job.

(2) how uncomfortable is it to sit there and listen to techno in an unclub environment though. Just look at that first minute..

(3) Comedy gold, the presenter with no trace of irony "ok so your songs are really long, and we're going to listen to one now, here is Spastik......." and let's sit here, occasionally look at the laptop... I hope this was done for radio primarily! It would have been better if the presenter had got up and started dancing like a loon/really badly.

(4) I always loved his music and sets, but my general impression the past couple of years was that he's a self-satisfied arse who has had a bit too much fame. As it appears, I was wrong. He seems very down to earth and humble, funny and smart.

(5) I grew up listening to his earlier stuff, and have not really taken a liking to his newer dj sets. However after the amount of techno he's played/made and listened to, I think he can do whatever he likes now if it makes him happy/keeps him interested in the music.

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