Friday, June 13, 2014

Mayor Ardis Twittergate ACLU press conference

I have a full, in-depth response to the Mayor Ardis press conference, ACLU lawsuit, Twittergate, and online satire websites that I have submitted to The Peorian. Link to article will be posted here soon.

Every law firm and PR agency in Peoria should be reacting quickly and explaining things about the Mayor Ardis Twittergate situation. I bet few or none of them do it.

That's why you need me to guide your company in the realm of SEO and social media marketing.

Most online comedy "pseudo news" websites (The Onion, Daily Currant, Indecision, News Biscuit, etc.) are NOT labeled as such and appear to the gullible (like those disseminators of false information who never Google hoax messages) to be legitimate news reporting.

From Twitter Terms of Service:

QUOTE Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others. END QUOTE

All Ardis had to do was complain to Twitter about a violation of their Terms of Service. The fake Twitter account would have been DELETED. All this controversy could have been avoided. His identity was not "stolen." It was caricatured. He asks why the tweets never entered print or broadcast media. He doesn't seem to understand Twitter or public relations.

This is why a celebrity or public official gets a Verified Account on Twitter, so people will know which account is authentic. If a Twitter account is not marked Verified Account, you are skeptical about it. You know it could be an impersonation or parody/satire. There have been fake parody Twitter accounts for many celebrites, tech gurus, CEOs, etc.

Here is the most complete report I've seen on the whole mess:

#1 SEO tip = ride on the coat tails of stories that are already viral. Be the first, with the most, in response to suddenly trending news.

WARNING: Video below is NOT office save or suitable for family viewing.

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