Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top 10 Annoying Behaviors on Facebook

Please avoid engaging in the following obnoxious actions on the Facebook.

(1) Game invites.

(2) Sharing hoax messages without Googling them for veracity.

(3) Posting an inflammatory (usually political) message, then throwing a hissy fit when someone posts a comment that disagrees or debunks it.

(4) Whining about how nobody reads your updates.

(5) Failed relationship dramas.

(6) Never expressing your own thoughts, but sharing image memes containing "inspirational" fluff or quotes allegedly from famous people.

(7) Relentless political posts -- which are only troll bait or preaching to the choir.

(8) Vaguebooking (posts that nobody can understand unless they know you intimately, or are watching the same TV show at that exact moment).

(9) Posting photos without any explanation of who, what, where, when.

(10) Relentless self-promotional posts.

PHOTO: Gargoyle at Bradley University, Peoria, IL.

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1 comment:

Billy Dennis said...

I am guilty of No. 10