Monday, June 30, 2014

Facebook Personality Quiz and Narcissist Delusions

Facebook personality quizes are yet another proof that narcissism, voyeurism and exhibitionism are the main drivers of Facebook activity. "I jabber incessantly about me, I look at photos of you doing stupid things, I post photos of me."

Proverbs 18:2

"A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself." - KJV

Self-discovery, gazing adoringly into the mirror, then getting excited about finding out what sandwich you are. The depths of introspection are avoided by substituting a silly superficial non-answer to the question "Who am I?", the echoic chant. 

Full of zeal to promote this new prize, this luscious pearl of inward-looking, propped up by  a shallow make-shift pop psychology, the grandiose feelings converge and merge into conversation, incessant and ephemeral. On to the next stepping stone to recovery, I mean, self-discovery. On to another quiz and surprise results.

Alex Rodriguez, on a GooglePlus post by Robert Scoble describes Facebook:

"Facebook went from stale -- to a completely bottom feeding content company.

'What color is your Aura?'

'What city should you live in?'

'Check out this's going to absolutely change your life!!!'

I suddenly feel like I am stuck in a supermarket store line, forced to read the front page of Cosmopolitan Magazine. It's becoming unbearable."


But Alex!!!!!

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Which state should you be living in?

Who is your celebrity twin?

What video game do you belong in?

What Frozen character are you?

What US president are you?

Would you be a good dog?

How long would you last in a Zombie Apocalypse?

What automatic weapon are you?

What food are you?

Are you a good kisser?

What song matches your personality?


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