Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Spot an NSA Troll

Leaked NSA documents verify that there are government trolls among us. 

Luckily for citizens, bloated bureaucracies tend to be loaded with inept fools, so these trolls are easy to spot and discourage with blogocombat techniques I have perfected. 

Just being aware of their methods can help you greatly.

Here are 17 of the typical tactics of government trolls:

(1) Attacks your opinion by calling it "conspiracy theory."

(2) Tells you to put your tin foil hat away.

(3) Viciously combats your remarks and will not relent. They often post comments like "You're just stupid" or "F*** off."

(4) Uses filthy language, wild accusations, and personal abuse to intimidate and silence people.

(5) Uses bullying and deceit to discredit, disrupt, delay, deter, dissuade, deny, disinform, and deflect the facts.

(6) Has a bogus looking profile with few updates on it.

(7) Makes outrageous claims, for example -- that an airstrike killed a terrorist, but if the person was blown to smithereens by a missile, how can you prove it?

(8) Maniacally defends all government actions and policies.

(9) Claims that only mainstream media is credible.

(10) Constantly complains that social media is too harsh, opinionated, free, unvetted, biased, sexist, or irresponsible to be taken seriously.

(11) Calls any blogger who questions official policy or intentions "paranoid" or "fear mongering."

(12) Pretends to know you personally and has lots of intimate details to reveal.

(13) Deliberately misinterprets what you said, tries to put words in your mouth that you did not say or imply.

(14) Demands that you provide links to "reputable sources" and when you do, they disparage the source and mock you for referencing them.

(15) Misrepresents your intentions and claims that you have some "political agenda" or an "ax to grind."

(16) Claims you "watch too much Faux News" or "pay too much attention to liberal media" or "are anti science" or "have been brainwashed by secularism" when they can't win a debate with facts.

(17) Quick to play the "who are you to judge?" or "everybody makes mistakes" card when you dare to exercise scrutiny or critique.

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