Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Unproductive Websites are a Waste of Money

You spent from $5,000 to $50,000 on a website. A simple marketing site or a complex, data base driven, multi-functional ecommerce site. Did you get ripped off?

If your website is not generating sales revenue, what good is it? Is just a floating digital billboard?

Website productivity is something that can be tracked via Google Analytics conversion goal reports. 

You set up the categories of actions you want website visitors to take, then see how many are engaged in the desired behaviors: 

* calling the office 

* setting up an appointment 

* ordering a product 

* submitting a contact form 

* signing up for a newsletter

* watching a tutorial or product demo video

* sending you an email

* completing a transaction

* downloading a PDF form

* voting in an online poll

or whatever you want people to do at your website.

There are SEO and web usability techniques to compel customers to take the actions you desire them to take. Then you can assess the results over a period of time, and plan ways to enhance the website to perform more effectively.

Why let a bad investment sit there, rotting away on the internet?

Implement some genuine, deep-insight SEO and watch your website be the hero you originally hoped it would be.

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