Thursday, June 18, 2015

Normal People Are Not Charming or Charismatic

"Normal people are not charismatic," I heard a forensic psychiatrist say yesterday. He was referring to how the escaped convicts exploited the prison tailor lady who helped them escape.

Prisoners are constantly studying the guards and penitentiary employees with microscopic precision, looking for loopholes in their tough exteriors, to find a leverage point.

Decent, good-hearted folks don't try to overpower others with a dazzling personality. They use persuasion, logic, and facts.

Normal people don't use charm to get their way.

This tactic is the province of psychopaths.

You know -- dating site posers, serial killers, predators, abusive pastors, politicians.

There are some genuinely super nice people with magnetic personalities you just love being around. But they tend to be quiet, reserved, gentle, not boastful or overly-animated.

If you catch yourself thinking, "I really like this person who is talking right now (or who I am with right now)" -- you probably better put your thinking cap back on and stiffen your defenses.

Con artists, psychics, salesmen, and presidummy candidates are extremely clever at reading you, spotting your vulnerabilities, and manipulating your emotions.

I Googled "forensic psychiatry charismatic people" and found some substantiation. The topic was online dating, bullies at school, etc.


I’d also be suspicious of anyone who seems charming or charismatic. Before being alone with the person, ask to meet a family member or friend.

The first time you catch someone in a lie, see a frightening temper flare, or feel pressured to do something you think is wrong, end the relationship.

Neither criminal nor civil law provides tools for protecting anyone from psychopaths until after a felony has been committed.

The police, prosecutors, and criminal courts are made up of mostly hard-working and dedicated people trying to do the right thing, but they have no duty to protect people from future harm.


In other words, you're pretty much on your own on this one.

They say that once you've been abused, exploited, or harmed by someone "charming," you'll be a lot more alert and sensitive to the ploys and schemes of these sociopathic freaks.

Stay safe. Be skeptical.

Don't give anyone "the benefit of the doubt."

Give everyone scrutiny and trust your gut feelings.

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