Monday, June 1, 2015

Unproductive Websites Need SEO

A website may be all dressed up, but going nowhere.

It's increasingly how customers find your business and buy products.

If your website is not performing well, you've got yourself a major business problem. It needs to be fixed immediately, before your competitors do everything right and bury you in search results.

An unproductive website is not a laughing manner.

Is your website generating any sales? Does it have a unique, exclusive phone number, so you can track calls coming from your website? Is anybody filling out the contact form and sending it to you? Are you following up on them?

Does your website portray your business in a totally professional, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate manner? Be honest. How does your website compare visually with the leading giants in your field?

Is your website a hardworking sales tool -- or a dud?

Your website should have tracking installed that reports on most popular pages on your site, completed online sales, phone calls to set office appointments, contact form submissions, video views, email newsletter subscriptions, and other conversion goals.

You don't have to guess if your website is a good investment, delivering an acceptable ROI (return on investment).

You can know for sure what's going on and what may need to be fixed.

The 52 parameters of SEO, once implement correctly, will drive more qualified customer traffic to your website due to better communication with Google's search spider -- and cause visitors to spend more money, because calls to action, product profiles, and form fill-outs are enhanced.

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