Monday, June 30, 2008

creative Twitter bios (Part 2)

Micro-content includes email subject lines, forum topic thread titles, blog taglines, company slogans, microblog/status update messages (Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Plurk, etc.), social network profiles, and Twitter bios.

Think about what your Twitter bio says about you. How would a potential client or customer relate to your bio copy?

Let these creative Twitter bios inspire, confound, or amuse you! From genius to goofy, there's enough variety to satisfy the most demanding and diverse tastes. Notice how smart people use silly bios -- or use their bio to market their products and link to their website or blog.

Perhaps, after examining these Twitter bios, you'll think of a way to improve your own. Or maybe you'll just have a few laughs!

Be sure to check out Creative Twitter Bios (Part 1). Part 3 will be published tomorrow.

(28) Peoria Pundit (Billy Dennis)

Former journalist with a blog and a bad attitude.

(29) Conversation Age (Valeria Maltoni)

I have been called a communicator, a marketer, and a Renaissance person. I'm *the* Conversation Agent.

(30) AnnOhio

If you don't add to my life, I'm subtracting you.

(31) Springnet (Paul Terry Walhus)

web host and developer, videographer, blogger, vlogger

(32) problogger (Darren Rouse)

Blogger at, co-author of

(33) Guy Kawasaki

Alltop, Garage, and Truemors

(34) AndrewBadera

Software Geek! and CTO of Change Round-Up.

(35) badbanana

Flurpity Flurp!

(36) Ian Kennedy

I enjoy laughing out loud.

(37) Copyblogger (Brian Clark)

I run and other sites that won't fit here.

(38) lmorchard (Leslie M. Orchard)

serially enthusiastic, caffeine-dependent {web,mad,computer} scientist and {tech,scifi} writer

(39) Wayne Sutton

New/Social Media Technology Evangelist, IT & Mobile Consultant, tech company, Marketing, News, blogs, video, podcast, vlog, blogging

(40) allaboutgeorge (George Kelly)

I'm just a no-name reporter. I wish I had nothing to say.

(41) Tim O'Reilly

Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media

(42) Seth Godin

The unofficial Twitterfeed of SETH GODIN, a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change.

(43) BassGhost

The world is batshit crazy. I'm still in love with the place. Draw your own conclusions.

(44) dahowlett (Dennis Howlett)

Full time blogger on innovation for professional accountants.

(45) mobasoft (Michael Bailey)

Functioning ADD/OCD with a knack for focusing until something else comes alo...

(46) catalyst (Michael

author | speaker | catalyst - changing the way people protect information

(47) jjprojects (John Johnston)

Social Media Junkie. Advocate. Odd.

(48) Doc Searls

Linux Journal editor, Berkman/Harvard & CITS/UCSB fellow

(49) Meg Fowler

now lemon fresh!

(50) Xeni Jardin

Curator of Internet Esoterica, Anomalies, and Curiosities. BB co-editor, BBtv host/exec producer.

(51) Biz Stone

Co-founder of Twitter

(52) Mickipedia

oontz oontz

(53) lizwebpage

Internet enthusiast, endorphin junkie, insomniac, fun chick.

(54) Doug Meacham

Marketing Blogger, Customer Experience Junkie, Retail Technology Consultant, Aging Rockstar-Wannabe

(55) Emily Chang

Designer. Co-founder of Ideacodes. All around webling (eHub, PicoCool, Likes robots. And fruit.

(56) 1Tim Street

Creator/Exec Producer

(57) geosteph (Steph Stockman)

science educator, softball player, aunt, mom to Logan (dog) and Kinsey (cat)

(58) bbluesman (Mark Forman)

Tilting at windmills in Greater China.

(59) iJustine

I am the internet.

(60) Baratunde Thurston

conscious comic & vigilante pundit

(61) Jeremy Zawodny

I fly and geek.

(62) Mike Germano

26 year old New Yorker. Former Politician. Creative Dir, @ Social Media Marketing Company Carrot Creative

(63) Pistachio (Laura Fitton)

Presentations that suck less, and much excitement and geekiness about microsharing. REPLIES: TOP LINKS:

(64) Shel Israel

writer. video blogger. nice guy.

(65) Liz Strauss

Social Web Strategist - I write, speak, & work with universities & business who want strategic growth through communication, social media & performance.

(66) BL Ochman

Blogger, swing dancer, Labradoodle lover, orchid grower. And one of the few people actually born in New York City

Shannon Seery Gude

Employer Brand Consultant, Candidate Community Evangelist, Geek Marketer and Kitchen Goddess

(68) Susan Reynolds

Interaction is what make me tick. Cancer has helped me do that even more:

(69) P.F. Anderson

single mom, emerging tech librn, ehealth, informatics, searchengines, web2.0, crafts, music, quilts, canning. SL: Perplexity Peccable

(70) Stowe Boyd

social tools impresario, essayist, Front Man For the /Messengers

(71) blogdiva (Liz Sabater)

blogdiva extraordinaire from and

(72) John Atkinson

Founded, so you can LISTEN to your fav news & blogs, anytime, anywhere! (& share)

(73) ckEpiphany

Just another (clever) marketer.

(74) Maggie Mason

Author of No One Cares What You Had for Lunch, publisher of Mighty Girl, Mighty Goods, and Mighty Junior.

(75) Justin Kownacki

Creator of web sitcom Something to Be Desired, co-organizer of PodCamp Pittsburgh, Freelance writer and creative problem solver.

(76) Phil Campbell

vlogger, webdeveloper, podcampuk organizer, streetgeek, mashups, api, qik, seemsic, bambuser, world social media maven - since 1995.

(77) Anil Dash

That blogging guy.

(78) Jason Calacanis

just a guy building stuff

(79) Christian Burns

husband of one, father of four, homeschool dad, classical liberal, Twittergang contributer, Newsgang member, muffler enthusiast

(80) Christopher Penn

Financial aid expert, Podcamp co-founder, speaker, author, ninja.

(81) thattalldude (Shawn Kirsch)

23 year old geek, passionate about rural America, social media, and all advancements in tech. Iraq Veteran, Spurs fan, Youth Leader, drummer.

(82) Tamar Weinberg

tech geek / blogger / social networker / i work at lifehacker and mashable and do social media stuff.

(83) technosailor (Aaron Brazell)

Much prefer to talk to you over on FriendFeed...

(84) kvetchingeditor (Chaviva E.)

I'm a Jew, sometimes slam poet who doesn't cook living in Chicago and trying to pass the time until Graduate School.

(85) Suw

Playing with computers.

(86) MarketingProfs (Ann Handley)

Ann Handley, head of content. Also see

(87) Mars Phoenix

I dig Mars!

(88) Marc Orchant

Productivity geek, storyteller, SW junkie

(89) Sexy SEO (Lora Lofark)

I'm sexy and I do SEO. Internet avant-gardist :)

(90) Guru Of Sales

Entrepreneur Superstar Blogger, web 2.0, SEO/SEM eBay and more!

(91) DoshDosh (Maki)

Philosophy student. Anime Otaku. Concerned citizen of the world.

(92) John Battelle

Media, Technology, Culture, Business

(93) Loic Le Meur

dreamy :)

(94) GeekMommy (Lucretia M. Pruitt)

Random Muse - Dilettante, Mother, Wife, ex-Professor, Social Media Devotee

(95) Pop 17 (Sarah Austin)

twitterholic, formerly Sarah Meyers, and host Pop17

(96) Matt Searles

I'm a media Artist (music, animation, video, interactive, painting, etc) and a kind of social media philosopher.. I podcast @

(97) Kamichat (Kami Huyse)

On the PR treadmill of life.

(98) Miss Rogue (Tara Hunt)

handing out whuffie like it's growin' on trees

(99) Kathy Sierra

Brain-friendly learning, Icelandic horses, User Happiness, game programming.

(100) misc (Jesse Baer)

oberlin senior and other misc things.

Okay, that's all for now. Stay tuned for Part 3 coming tomorrow.

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Matt Searles said...

I'm thinking of changing my bio to "Arch Villian Mad Scientist, currently working on new information super virus" but I feel like there should be a william burroughs connection in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I read all of those! :) But it clued me in on about half-a-dozen folks I should've been following, but wasn't yet! :)


(and nice to know somebody read that bio of mine! :))

steven edward streight said...

I'd like to change my Twitter bio, and some other settings, but settings are broken. I keep getting an mistaken error message. I've submitted my problem to Twitter tech support via Get Satisfaction, and have seen that others have the same problem.

But Twitter doesn't seem to care about users. No "satisfaction" occurs. No problems are ever fixed. Twitter is always dysfunctional in some way, and, like so many Web 2.0 services, getting worse.

Valeria Maltoni said...

Thank you for the inclusion, Steven. There is a lot of variety and many personalities there. A good selection for sure.