Thursday, August 7, 2008

CEO blog as wound

Your blog is a wound, a self-inflicted peeling away of layers, to reveal your inner thoughts, your best thinking in an area of expertise.

You'll ruin all your corporate communications if your blog fails. When a business blog goes over like a lead balloon, the negative buzz and ill will can be overwhelming. A poorly planned and executed blog is a huge, publicly visible, black eye. Personal credibility and business professionalism are severely damaged when a blog goes wrong.

To fall flat on your face in a blog is very likely, and there's no way out of it. You must fully comprehend and comply with social media netiquette, expectations, and protocols. Profit-hungry product hype invasions and targeted ecommerce exploits are quickly detected and despised.

The blogosphere is not the United States, Western culture, or capitalism. It's not Business As Usual (which leads to Business As Over). Blogs are a rapidly expanding and evolving species of web presencing that obeys new rules of behavior.

Let's carve a metaphysical wound into the blog itself and see what appears inside:












... are the primary drivers here.

Are you and your company really ready to move powerfully and honestly with these engines of the share economy underlying your commerce?

You must gain expertise in navigating the globalism manifested in social media, blogs, and business networks. Sexism, mammonism, patriarchy, hierarchy, con artistry, sales commands, product hype, traffic-generation tricks, and penalizable SEO gimmicks are just a few of the taboo practices, forbidden in the blogospheric realms.

CEO bloggers are the most bold of bloggers, displaying their personality and their organization to the world, authentically, passionately, unflinchingly.

Customers don't want ads or brochures.

They want conversations, explanations, admissions, interactions, cooperations, and solutions. Your business blog must be seen not as an extra appendage flapping in the shifting breezes of the internet, but a serious wound that displays the core of your expertise and value system.

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keldwud said...

It is true that we are shifting into a new paradigm of production and consumption. Many traditionalists will fight tooth and nail to keep the nontransparent model of information/product flow/exchange.

Here's to hoping that all of our ugliness can be displayed with the strength of ten mighty bulls! ;)