Friday, August 22, 2008

managing systems not people on Shear Genius

On a recent episode of Tabatha's Salon Takeovers show on Shear Genius (Bravo channel), "Ten Salon", the proprietor of the salon was obsessively reliant on a cultish hair stylist management training. Kwana, the owner, represses her anxiety by slavish, inhumane adherence to the training philoophy, rules, and forms.

Tabatha takes over the salon and decides to "change everything." She wants the stylists to have "spirit and love, not scripts".

"Ten Salon" episode on Shear Genius, Tabatha's Salon Takeovers

A married couple owned Ten, but Kwana, the female, was a stylist and also acted as CEO, it was her dream. Her shakey voice sounds slightly psychotic, and she is both compulsive and self-defeating, claiming "you can't manage people, you manage systems", as a defense of her robotic and dysfunctional management style.

They were $50,000 behind in their store rent, and had mortgaged their home twice. Beans, rice, and tuna were their dining staples.

How odd the cut shop looked, resembling a botox clinic or sterile industrial lab, with her shy and uncomfortable husband Richard lurking awkwardly like a dad watching his son's soccer game, and being distracted by good looking single moms breezing in and out of of his field of vision.

Kwana's salon management system, which was probably some expensive internet scam job, with cultish operations, is a complete failure, but she resists awareness of this saying illogically, "it's hard to see the system uprooted, since it's worked so well thus far".(!!!!)

She tried to save face, by blaming the employees, rather than the system that substitutes manuals, protocols, and scripts for natural human interactions.

It's the exact opposite of blogs.

Blogs are journals of people expressing themselves spontaneously, freely, humanly, naturally, unexpectedly, transparently, honestly, and humorously. Stiff, scripted, mercenary communications don't go over well in the blogosphere.

Tabatha is a smart manager, inspiring speaker, and professional superstar. She has a masterful sense of business and an intense approach to the art of hair styling. Bloggers, business executives, and artists of all types can learn much from Tabatha.

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