Monday, August 18, 2008

portable jukebox #1

Here's a way to create and share your music playlists with others:

This website has the best usability of almost any I've ever encountered. It's extremely easy to sign up, create an account, start a playlist, search for available mp3s (by artist, song title, or keywords), edit your playlist, and get the embed code to put it on your blog.

You can even change the order of songs, add or delete songs, and the changes take effect quickly. The user interface is simple, bold, and clear. Big buttons, logical progressions, smart design -- this website has it all.

I hurriedly assembled some songs I like, put them in a playlist player, and here it is.

Imagine what a record label might do with this promotional entertainment tool. You can make your own jukebox or radio program or collection of your own music, and transport it to your various blogs and websites.

If you're a musician on MySpace Music, you can add a Playlist player in your Band Details section, by pasting in the player embed code. Now you can let fans of your music hear the songs that inspired you, right on your own MySpace Music profile.

Project Playlist is opening a new world of music sharing. Bands can use it to create portable virtual jukeboxes for fans to spread virally.

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