Wednesday, August 20, 2008

online music marketing insights to Evolt

Today, I responded to an email message posted to the Evolt! web developers list.

Someone asked who was using social media, and what their opinions were about the value of social media, from a web developer perspective. One of the responders was a woman who happens to be a musician.

She mentioned how she uses YouTube, MySpace Music, and other socnet tool communities.

Here is my reply to her, posted to the Evolt! list members.

@Erika - I'd love to discuss online music marketing via social media, with you, as a fellow musician.

Online socnet marketing insights: which provides embed players for your own original music (I pasted in my mp3 URLs, since my band, Str8 Sounds, was not yet in their system),

MySpaceMusic is the top music site where you interact with your band idols and your avid fans and your fellow struggling musicians, enables me to upload discreet albums w/cover art,

Blogger provides a reliable, fast, effective platform for a band blog, with multi media displays.

YouTube is where you build your music video library/museum.

Snackr provides a ticker crawl across bottom of browser window alerting you to RSS blog post titles.

Twitter is a powerful, SEO juicey channel for link distribution and insight sharing.

Plurk, Jaiku, Pownce, reinforce and expand your Twitter microblogging universe.

Pownce enables a musician to post mp3s to your constructed community...

and socnets provide massive SEO juice!

I am bursting with experiential insights about social media marketing in the new, non-marketing stylistics. LOL

Fun, effective, fulfilling: Web 2.0 Tool Communities.

It's not really "media" to advertise on, it's social networking to be human with!

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