Sunday, August 10, 2008

Twitter novels

I have composed many art objects and conducted many ethnomethodological experiments on Twitter. I've made endless Twitter link loops. "Bird Mind" is a recent Twittered poem, comprised of several message units.

Extremely Short Prose Units are micro content of literary intent. Within ESPU are found novels of ultra brevity.

Here are a handful of Twitter novels I've written, each being in the single message unit limit of 140 characters.

[Titles are supplied for convenience, but were not in the original transmissions.]

(1) The Andromedans

"Humans love war. Do not land on planet Earth. They just fight all the time. Their art sucks. Back to Andromeda!" the Andromedans said.

(2) Stagnant Adventures of Sheila, Part 1

Sheila's life outstretched before her now. Its lethargy seemed to fall like a huge shadow over the porch swing. Her tea had evaporated.

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