Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eyespot CEO closes his company

Eyespot was a video website where you could collaborate with other video producers by using clips from their work in new work that you create. I tried it a few times when it first came out, then moved on.

Here's an email I received today, from the CEO.

We deeply regret to inform you that Eyespot Corporation will no longer be able to continue serving you.

For our users at, we're no longer allowing you to upload new videos. You can retrieve your uploaded video and mixes by going to your mymedia gallery and clicking the download link below the video thumbnail.

For our business customers in the eyespot video network, your site will continue operate unaffected for a limited period of time.

We encourage you to migrate your video solution to one of our competing providers in the video mixing (e.g. and video publishing space (e.g. immediately. We'll soon be providing you with the means of downloading your community videos from within your dashboard at].

We have spent three years providing over a hundred thousand of you with a unique video experience. We believed that by putting creative tools and rights-cleared media into the hands of influencers and connectors, Eyespot would enable social media and participation culture like no other company.

After playing over two hundred million of your video creations, we have to stop. After assembling possibly the most potent team in digital media ever, we're now moving on.

Thank you all for being apart of our community over the past three years.

Jim Kaskade
President & CEO

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Lisa Bennett said...

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Lisa Bennett