Wednesday, October 15, 2008

music marketing mp3 strategy and Sound Click

As I was uploading my select mp3 library of Str8 Sounds on Sound Click, I began to formulate in my mind, to mentally articulate in sentences what I was doing. My actions were rote, routine, robotic. In what way? In my stubborn determination to provide all my music for free until I accumulate a groundswell of public approbation to justify releasing any paid product.

There's too much music in the world. Fans are overwhelmed and bewildered by all the music sites and mp3 providers. Just about any musical artist with a modern sensibility is letting fans download tons of their music, for free. Some offer paid product, that you can't have for free. Others distribute all their music for free, without any exception.

You must understand that a musician's number one problem, after perfecting songs and progressing creatively, is to cut through the clutter. Too much music. How do you get people interested in your music?

You gain attention, and eventual sales, for your music, once it's perfected, by using clever art, clever song titles, clever online distribution, clever social media campaigns by a clever marketing team.

Back to the original thought: mp3 strategy.

I am again, as always, configuring my Str8 Sounds mp3s to be available for free download, with a Creative Commons license, attribution, non-commercial use only. I wondered, "Why, again, besides the viral marketing of fan distribution systems, do I provide all my mp3s for free? Why not experiment and try to make a few bucks by charging $0.95 per download, see what happens?"

Shame on me. Must I remind myself that bands who provide only paid product, they suck? It looks bad. It looks desperate and greedy to let fans hear and have your music only if they pay for it. It makes a band seem uptight, overly commercialized, mammonist.

Here's the Secret of Free Music Marketing:

Your free mp3s are your way of paying fans to hype, share, and become addicted to your music.

I shall say no more, keeping the deep methodology for my paying clients.

But see: I share free marketing tips, but also have more specific procedures and venue ideas that cost money. But so far, I have not created or designated any music as paid product.

That day may come. But it's not near, I'm still spreading the Str8 Sounds message and charisma via the internet to get that tipping point, that critical mass of publicity and collector mentality co-dependence that will trigger vast wealth and fame and ... ha ha happiness (JOKE).

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